How to get kids more interested in math and science?

So I was asked a question on Quora, and it gave me pause.

The US is way behind in math and science, but here's the thing.

There are also way behind the rest of the world, especially in the West,

as far as reading and writing.

A lot of American young people don't like reading, which does not work

on a societal level. To function efficiently, one needs critical

thinking skills.

These critical thinking skills come from high-level writing and reading.

Now, I'm not to play games and say everyone needs to go to college.

I don't believe that especially in the age of automation. People who go to

Technical schools provide lots of services. They fix our power lines


hurricanes. They are our nurses. They are our mechanics.

You get the idea.

That said, to foster math and science on a societal level,

we need to promote reading and writing.

You really can't have one without the other.

I am pretty biased, having in the past taught reading, writing, and speech for

many years.

It doesn't matter. The skills needed for math and science start with reading

and writing.

Here are some sites you can encourage people who struggle with reading

and writing to use: