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슈리 SHURI WHAT’S IN A NAME? First of all, The name in of itself is a holy name is the Traditional Japanese religion. In fact, many aspects of Wakandan culture are  Japanese — or East Asian in origin. Their shooting part of the flick in South Korea looks like a non sequitur, but the structure of their society is a mix of cultural elements. The structure of their city is East Asian if it is anything. SHURI IS A PLACE IN OKINAWA. No one has stated this, so I will. "Shuri Castle (首里城 Shuri-jō, Okinawan: Sui Gushiku[1]) is a Ryukyuan...

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Ready Player One Review -

Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” is a sci-fi adventure film based on Ernest Cline's best-selling 2011 novel that takes place 27 years from now in dismal 2045.

The world is overpopulated and most of the world’s population centers have become slum-like cities while it’s not clearly stated why it went this way.

In the attempt to escape the desolation of the real-world and gloomy reality, humans choose to plug themselves into a virtual reality world called OASIS where anything is possible.

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First of all, Wonder Woman is a work of cinematic genius. I originally was going to refrain from seeing it, but a little bird made me see it. I was mad hesitant to see it. I avoided seeing the movie when it first came out, but I try nowadays to keep an open mind. I was blown away. It was really something. I was still thinking about it on the drive home and the score was superb.The thing is, we worry too much about the wrong things in the West. In the US, for example, we don't mind it when...

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