Wonder Woman Salary Controversy

First of all, Wonder Woman is a work of cinematic genius. I originally was going to refrain from seeing it, but a little bird made me see it. I was mad hesitant to see it. I avoided seeing the movie when it first came out, but I try nowadays to keep an open mind. I was blown away. It was really something. I was still thinking about it on the drive home and the score was superb.
The thing is, we worry too much about the wrong things in the West.
In the US, for example, we don't mind it when the government lost 6.5 trillion dollars at the Pentagon. Supposedly, the State Dept. lost money as well. Was it really lost? Ho-hum is the response. You can hear crickets when you ask the hard questions. That's a big deal. That's a lot of the taxpayers' money. The corruption would be laughable if it weren't so genuinely sad.
The first controversy concerned Wonder Woman's origins. Wonder Woman was invented by a man. Her skimpy attire was deemed sexist-- nevermind the fact that Moulton invented the polygraph and many other things. The link between Wonder Woman's lasso and the polygraph is crystal clear. Then, there was this whole controversy about all-woman showings of the movie. Next, there was all this shock and awe that Gal Gadot was a combat veteran. I can't for the life of me fathom how that controversy came about. Military service is compulsory in Israel for both men and women.
The newest one was Gal Gadot's salary. It was a paltry 300,000 dollars-- more than most people on the actual planet can conceive of making in a year. I think that Gal Gadot was being genuine when she said she was grateful. I don't think she was blowing smoke up people's asses. She has thought of "quitting acting". She signed a three picture deal. Worse case scenario she would make 900, 000 before taxes. Let's be honest though. If Justice League makes a lot of money (it will), they will make more Justice League flicks. So bare minimum, she would be making 1.2 million before taxes for four movies. Many foreign actors let alone American actors do not get to be in successful blockbusters that size-- let alone what may soon be one of the biggest movies of all time. "I'm done with it" (Fences).
The controversy nobody ever talks about is how Hollywood studios finance their pictures. They have already made hundreds of millions of dollars of profit before the movie gets released on any platform. Many movies do not get made if everyone does not get paid first. That's why Hollywood favors sequels and blockbusters. Blockbusters are so much easier to finance than small art films. They sell the rights to foreign investors and buy the rights back cheaply. Usually, Hollywood studios operate in countries like Germany or New Zealand where the tax laws are laxer than in the U.S. It's all legal, but the big studios have already made profit way before we have ever heard of the movie in question. The actors are paid out of the studios' cut. Why are movie tickets so expensive? Why are refreshments almost as pricey as a decent meal at a restaurant? That's the real controversy. The house always wins. Just like with everything else, people focus on the small stuff. Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff. Check out this old Slate article that expounds on movie banking.

Here's an excerpt from the article that breaks down what happens:


The Hollywood studio starts by arranging on paper to sell the film's copyright to a German company. Then, they immediately lease the movie back—with an option to repurchase it later. At this point, a German company appears to own the movie. The Germans then sign a "production service agreement" and a "distribution service agreement" with the studio that limits their responsibility to token—and temporary—ownership.

For the privilege of fake ownership, the Germans pay the studio about 10 percent more than they'll eventually get back in lease and option payments. For the studio, that extra 10 percent is instant profit. It is truly, as one Paramount executive told me, "money for nothing." In the case of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Paramount sold the copyright to a group of German investors for $94 million through Tele-München Gruppe, a company headed by German mogul Herbert Kloiber. Paramount then repurchased the film for $83.8 million in lease and option payments. The studio's $10.2 million windfall paid the salaries of star Angelina Jolie ($7.5 million) and the rest of the principal cast.  "


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So I saw the last Jedi again today. And it's a good movie.

It's a good movie if you are not a Star Wars fan. I saw it today in that context today and I didn't fall asleep or feel like walking out.

However, there many problems with it.

Yes, here comes the haterade.

It was not that good as far as Star Wars movies go.

It wasn't the actors' fault. 

Here are the problems:

1. Luke dies for no reason.

Who trains Rey?

The Force itself?

Master Yoda? 

Luke has suddenly become a whiny old cantankerous old man. It doesn't make any sense.

That was a terrible idea.

So Ben gets to live as a whining simp of a Sith, but Master Luke dies.

Why did they destroy the tree and the books? SMH.

That was a horrendous idea.

The writer must hate Star Wars.

It was bad enough they killed Han Solo last picture.


(That's the real Luke above)


2. The love story between Finn and Rey disappears-- with Rey becoming his side bitch.

Terrible idea.

There was no need to add a love triangle.

Han Solo gave Finn love advice that he followed in the first movie.

He spent the whole movie thinking about her to just change his mind.

He miraculously no longer loves Rey, because he pities Rose.

That's weak.

That makes no sense and it is not in line with the first movie.


3. The script was horrendous.

I feel asleep the first time I saw it last week, because I really

couldn't deal with all the poor plot artifices.

I lied and told my buddy I fell asleep because I was tired.

I wanted to be polite because he liked it.

I feel asleep because I didn't like it.

4. There were too many side plots.

The best thing about the one percenter planet episode was

Benicio Del Toro because he's an amazing actor.

The rest of it was shit.

5. Disney. Disney doesn't do great scripts outside of animated fare.

I knew Disney was going to fuck it up.

They fucked it up by killing Han in the first one.

They did not disappoint me with their poor direction and two-dimensional approach to everything in number two.

6. The Ben-wants-Rey angle was weak.

You guys spent a half hour or more of my life with Ben mild

melding with Rey to spend most of it telling her "you're a piece

of shit". 

I can watch the news to see scumbags like that every day.

Darth Vader had more depth.

Not killing your parents doesn't make you good.

It just makes you a human being.

Ben is just a psychopath.

He has no motivation besides being spoiled. His pain is light.

It's blame to see he is the regular victimizer abusive husband type.


7. Finn is always portrayed as being a bit weak, as a fighter and as a man.

Continuing that bit of the character into the second movie was lame.

This isn't the 1930's.

The kid who plays Finn is a good actor. Give him a real script.


8. Rey is shown as weak most of the movie.

That idea is so insufferably boring there are no words for that approach to her character.

And then she knows how to use the Force with no training?


9. Po is annoying.

Kill him off already.

By the way, I don't care how you spell his name. His character sucks.

His character is wooden and plastic.

He got more screen time than the main two characters. Why?


It was a big letdown.

Get it together.

Have Lucas direct and write the next one completely please, because that movie was no good.\

I'm out.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman fight scene"Masterful".


I left the theater and had to turn off my phone. I was literally speechless.The score still echoed in my head the whole way home.

I don't know what I expected when I saw this. I hadn't wanted to see it, but a little bird told me to. I'd been pretty much working and learning every chance I get most of the last three weeks. I'd planned to go home and work until 2 am. I may still do so.

Don't worry this is no spoiler blog or post. The movie is worth seeing and is one of the best movies I've seen this year-- if not the best. It has me stoked to see Justice League in November and it's much more than the CGI. The acting was crazy and the score was amazing.

Besides that, Director Malick did a good job of creating a place where faith in humanity might restored. It's like I told fam, "Yo, you got to see Wonder Woman". I followed it up with some texts and it was meant to be. The score is still in my head as I write this and I took so much away.

"I believe".