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People Say

People say you should get an education.
People tell you to get a job.
People say the solution to your financial problems is working for someone else.
People tell you to do a business plan.
People say this is a crazy idea.
People urge you to safety.
People say you're not taking care of yourself.
The problem when you run a small business is income diversification.
The problem is not getting income at all.
The problem is people don't trust you unless you own your space.
That's one of the issues.
The problem is getting in enough revenue to pay all your bills.
The problem is how you use your time effectively.
Your natural enemies are Netflix and anything that takes you away from your content or your studies. That can range from kids' shows to adult content. Sports can be an Achilles' heel. I love soccer, but this year I may have to miss most of the Cup. It is what it is.
A balanced life is a goal.
Your natural enemy is doubt, ego and lack of funds.
Working for someone is a temporary fix when you are an entrepreneur. It does not solve you're improving your relationship with potential customers.
Monetize everything. Punching in helps you on the personal side, but it does nothing to get your products from A to B. It does not make your services more palatable, and it does not do the hard work.
I punched in for many years and ignored business problems due to fear. Ignorance is less about intelligence, and it's more about fear.
If I don't know it, maybe it's impossible. That's just mind chatter. It's not the truth. The truth is you don't know. If this door doesn't open to safety, then there is another door to safety nearby. "Your door is the door on the side," a rabbi once said.