The Game is Rigged

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The Game is Rigged

The Game is rigged.

All the anger in the world won't change this. I thought knowledge itself would make the difference. It didn't. It doesn't work for most people. Not in the information age....The poverty line kept me company for a long time due to my insistence on "changing things with my mind" (Immortal Technique paraphrase). Knowledge is meaningless without consistent action--so is everything else.

Just thinking about it just thinking about it. Just thinking about one's student loans is only thinking about one's student loans. Just thinking about earning more money is just thinking about it. It's fun for awhile in a Van Gogh depressed kind of way, but if one hurts oneself: no one else would care really. Matrix world need not be that confusing forever....

What will change one's life is taking consistent action? That's it. Nothing else will. How does one move from being an employee to being a business owner? Why does one want to? The system is structured for business owners period. The system is not structured for the employee or the self-employed. It is what it is.

The best book to express this is "The Four Quadrants" by Robert Kiyosaki. It's an easy read. I was first introduced to it in my 20's. It took me much to have any willingness to take action. To have the life of the older, one must have a business of some kind. We live in a gig economy.

That said, this is not about becoming wealthy or getting rich overnight. My point is to have a decent life you need at least a side business. Once one gets that, and one need not be afraid about automation. One just adapts to the new technology as it comes.

Forget about it. I say all of this because I had someone pass it on to me when I was younger, and it has made the difference. Another great book is "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron-- even if one is not an artist. One life can be one's art.

In closing, another great book is "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron-- even if one is not an artist. One life can be one's art.