Insomnia two (re-edit)

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Insomnia two (re-edit)

The thing with insomnia is eventually I got used to it.
People tell me how terrible it is, but I started to not notice.

I sort of life around it.

Eventually, I have gotten used to every bad thing in your life.
Human beings adapt themselves to everything.

I just put up with it.

I let myself take naps.

I have less energy. 

I used to feel lost.
I don't anymore.

I don't know why I compensate for it, but I just do.

It must be something built in the genome for it.

It's crazy, but there you go.

The less sleep I get the slower the world seems to be spinning.
I used to think it was faster, but I realize everyone is moving in slow motion.
bear watching net

It's like the world is hurtling into the sun.
Which with the way people behave is the truth,
we are just plotting our own demise.

I can see it.



Incidentally, the song describes what it's like to have insomnia night after




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