How to make America like Switzerland

The number one problem is the addiction to warfare.

nuclear bomb detonated

"America’s Wars Total (1775 -1991)
U.S. Military Service during Wartime Battle Deaths
Other Deaths (In Theater)
Other Deaths in Service (Non-Theater) 230,254
Non-mortal Woundings
Living War Veterans11
Living Veterans (Periods of War & Peace)
41,892,128 651,031 308,800
1,430,290 16,962,000 23,234,000 "


Manifest Destiny.

Monroe Doctrine.

It's not the Constitution.

It's not civilian guns. It's not the ability to shoot. I have been able to shoot since I was fifteen.

Two ladies ( a mother and her daughter) taught me over 4 hours to use a shotgun and a .22 rifle safely when I was fifteen.

They taught me how to load it safely. They taught me to aim and they taught me to shoot. 


lorens kerns


What that did for me is to approach guns with the idea of safety first.

It's not guns, rifles or machine guns. It's not about open carry. It's not about concealed carry.

It's about a mentality of peace or a mentality of war.

Incidentally, I am neither for the NRA nor am I opposed to them.

I did their basic CCW gun safety course.


I now also know how to shoot handguns and deal with the kick.

The culture of violence starts in the Oval Office. Let's not kid ourselves or indulge in fantasy or purposeful forgetting.

The US has been at war continuously in some shape or the other for 225 years.

kuwait war

picture from cnn of helmand


And they have been taught by Washington, Wall Street, and Hollywood that it is okay to be at war forever.

Hating forever is okay.

Forgiveness is weak.

Kill or be killed.

Never back down-- my favorite one.

If Americans want to change their country, they need to be willing to contact their congresspeople and get the U.S. to pull out of ALL WARS.

The war we need to wage we don't want to because it's much harder than droning old people, women, and children in a foreign country and then living with severe PTSD for the rest of one's life.


veteran and his beautiful dog


The war that requires our attention is a war against education and a fight against American poverty-- which includes for our conversation living check to check.

It is still okay for young people to get shot every day in the inner city, but some random loco kills people, and we need a referendum.
Get outta here.
What happened to this kid Ty-shawn Lee?
Who cares besides his fam?
No one.
We have become too narcissistic and wonder why we have a narcissistic president.

chi-tyshawn-lee shot in chicago


That's hypocrisy.

Gang members and Mafia members will never have problems buying guns to commit a crime or to off themselves.

office of public affairs delaware

Get real. Live in reality.

office of public affairs dc

Our model of action should be Switzerland.



When we think of Switzerland, we believe stereotypes.

We believe Swiss watchmakers. We think of chocolate tours, and we think of skiing. I am not talking about that: I am talking about their gun culture.

We can have all the guns we want, and we can be a peaceful nation.



It's possible. Let's model our fading empire off of the Swiss.

It involves being neutral and having everyone learn about gun safety at an early age.

torrey wiley first shot

Why wait for Jamal or Peter to take a gun to school?

 Teach them what a gun is for.

It is not a toy, and it should never be pointed at someone unless one wishes to kill them or hurt them severely in defense of ONE'S LIFE.

It is NOT A TOY.


It's not necessary to be the most violent developed nation.

That distinction has run our economy into the ground.

The Pentagon wastes money that should go to kids' education. When was their last audit?

"Financial mismanagement is rampant at the Pentagon. And the Trump administration wants to give them tens of billions of dollars more.

A staggering report by the Defense Department’s Inspector General last summer found the Army made $2.8 trillion worth of wrongful adjustments to accounting entries in one quarter alone in 2015, and $6.5 trillion for the year. The Army lacked receipts and invoices to support those numbers or only made them up.

The Army – the institution in which Americans have the most confidence, according to a Gallup poll – received taxpayer dollars and cavalierly made up numbers to account for where those dollars went!

The military needs to get its accounting straight. Politically and fiscally it would be foolhardy to increase the military’s budget when it so obviously can’t manage the money it currently has."

I don't want to "MAKE AMERICA GREAT."


The Empire is over.



make america different meme

THE IDEA FOR THIS BLOG CAME FROM one of those fundraiser emails I get around election time.

Congressperson Richardson asked me to help him fight the Republicans, and I wrote an answer that I've expanded here:

"Pull out from all wars. It's nonsense. Let's save us" is the gist.

Fuck making America Great Again.

That America is a Hollywood figment.

The American Dream is a figment of a producer's imagination.

It has missed most people. I was just at the bank, and most people can't make it, and these are middle classed people.

Compassion is okay.

It's not communism.

Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

Their kids can't read or write their language-- let alone someone else's.

They don't know the geography of their own country.

That's not okay.

Some solutions:

  • Make America like Switzerland.
  • Everybody who wants to should be able to learn how to shoot and handle a gun safely from an early age.
  • Young men should be encouraged to take martial arts and boxing across the board. 
  • If you want to ban all guns, then police officers should not carry weapons either period. 
  • Service should be compulsory for a few years in some form: military or civil. Too many Americans want something for nothing. That bit would make us more Israel. Mandatory draft-- no excuses, no waivers, nothing. You serve. You can't dodge like some of the Presidents. You have to help.



    I'm for vets, but I'm not for wars.

    My mom's a vet. My uncle was a vet. My great uncle was a vet. My family has fought in all of America's wars-- and that doesn't make us special.


    female vet

     young homeless vet

    vera yu and david li photo of a homeless vet


    I don't want to talk about one incident in Vegas while I still live in a country where droning people is routine.

    I don't want to talk about Vegas when the US can't stop fighting.

    we aren't america they like war

    If we are going to talk about Vegas, talk about the other shooters who miraculously disappeared.

    We have been at war for 225 years and the results are NO GOOD. Make America DIFFERENT. MAKE America neutral and watch the violence go down. MAKE it cool to be at peace.

    It's not Trump's country. It's not Hillary's country.


    hellary trump


    It's your country.

    Stop relying on Uncle Sam to save us from his wanton waste and misappropriation of funds.

    It's your money.

    tax dollars

    Hold politicians accountable for everything.

    Don't let your party affiliation brainwash you any more into not using your mind.

    Here's a quote from the Tell organization in Switzerland about guns:

    "If people have a responsible, disciplined and organized introduction into an activity like shooting, there will be less risk of gun violence,” he tells TIME."

    "And that's the reason little kids get hit by strays
    Cause muthafuckas can't act they age
    Before you learn how to shoot, better learn how to aim"


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