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Last Jedi was a sleeper literally

So I saw the last Jedi again today. And it's a good movie.

It was also a sleeper literally.

I feel asleep both times I saw it. 

As a sci-fi fan, the movie was shaite. It was shit. It made no sense.

Call me old but the most important part of a movie is the plot-- not political propaganda of any stripe.

However, there many problems with it. Yes, here comes the haterade. It was not good as far as Star Wars movies go.
Here are the problems:
1. Luke dies for no reason. Who trains Rey? The Force itself? Master Yoda? That was a terrible idea. So Ben gets to live as a whining simp of a Sith, but Master Luke dies.
That was a horrendous idea. The writer must hate Star Wars. It was bad enough they killed Han Solo last picture.
2. The love story between Finn and Rey disappears-- with Rey becoming his side bitch. Terrible idea. There was no need to add a love triangle. Han Solo gave Finn love advice and he miraculously no longer loves Rey.
That makes no sense and it is not in line with the first movie. GET IT TOGETHER.
3. the script was horrendous. I feel asleep the first time I saw it last week, because I really couldn't deal with all the poor plot artifices.
4. There were too many side plots. The best thing about the one percenter planet episode was Benicio Del Toro because he's an amazing actor. The rest of it was shit.
5. Disney. I knew Disney was going to fuck it up and they did not disappoint me with their poor direction and two-dimensional approach to
6. The Ben wants Rey angle was weak. It's blame to see he is the regular victimizer abusive husband type.
7. Finn is always portrayed as being a bit weak, as a fighter and as a man. Continuing that bit of the character into the second movie was lame.
8. Po is annoying. His character is wooden and plastic. He got more screen time than the main two characters.
Get it together. That was a good movie as far as just being a movie, but as far as Star Wars movies. It was a big letdown.
Get it together.


The picture was shot by David Holt at London screening.

Rogue One

I'm not really clear what all the controversy about Rogue One was. The movie was okay. "It wasn't that bad". It was really in the spirit of the original Lucas movies. I say that not just because I'm a Star War stan. I say that because the new director has a relationship with Lucas. I am clear that he suggests things to the director and the heads about the new iterations of his derivative work.

There were people upset that "Rogue One" had a female lead and then there were those who said it was too multiculti. There were also those voices who claimed it wasn't multiculti enough and it reinforced normative gender roles. Everybody is probably right. I'm not going to go there because I really don't care.

What I care about is the writing itself and the acting itself. They didn't use their best actors enough. The movie should have revolved around them. It ended up revolving around characters that came of about as real as a politician. I thought the writers didn't create enough connection with the characters.

For example, Saw Gerrera was a foster father to Jyn, but that was barely explored. That was a missing for me because that relationship turned into a surface relationship. That relationship should have had more screen time and should have been a bigger part of the script. I felt that the characters were kind of one dimensional in their characterization.

I actually liked the movie. I just saw different holes in the script. I just thought the actors had so much more to offer. They could have done so much more with what they had.
The Orson character was also way too plastic. Why was he the way he was? They didn't explore that enough to my satisfaction. It didn't make much sense.

Why was he that bad? He didn't just wake up one day and start acting that way. And if he did, what made the dark side attractive to him? Then there were all these characters like Cassian or Bodhi Rook that were made out of cardboard. Cassian did absolutely nothing for me. I spent most of the movie wondering when they were going to knock him off. That was the best part of the ending-- spoiler.

To be honest the best character was Chirrut Imwe. Donnie Yen going off was great. That character was worth the cost of admission. K-2SO was a good character as well. All in all, they could have done so much more with that cast. And they didn't.