Ready Player One Review

Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” is a sci-fi adventure film based on Ernest Cline's best-selling 2011 novel that takes place 27 years from now in dismal 2045. The world is overpopulated and most of the world’s population centers have become slum-like cities while it’s not clearly stated why it went this way. In the attempt to escape the desolation of the real-world and gloomy reality, humans choose to plug themselves into a virtual reality world called OASIS where anything is possible.

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4 ways how Tesla is changing the world

In 2003 Elon Musk together with a group of engineers tried to prove to the world the benefits of electric vehicles. Five years later they released their first model and since then the company has set a mission to change the world. Tesla has expanded its focus from building the best electric car out there to opening the way for solar power, autonomous vehicles and much more.

Here are four ways how Tesla is changing the world.

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Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung has been the leader in the Android phone market and in February they announced the release of Samsung Galaxy S9 at the Mobile World Congress and it is expected to hit the shelves on March 16.

But does it have what it takes to beat the iPhone8, iPhone X and Google Pixel 2?

Samsung Galaxy S9 has a beautiful design, great specifications, one of the most interesting cameras out there and these features could make it the phone of the year.

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The Rise of China's Huawei – World’s No. 3 Smartphone Brand

Huawei which stifled the iPhone’s momentum in China is becoming one of the world’s most powerful smartphone brand and a strong competitor of Apple and Samsung.

After giving up from their previous model of filling the planet with cheap cellphones, Huawei has risen to become a serious and recognizable brand. Europe, in particular, has welcomed Huawei which has grown at an unprecedented speed.

Huawei which started as a producer of phone switches became a global leader in telecommunications networks by 2012 and now has risen to become world’s top brand with its prime product: smartphone.

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MAVIC PRO – Your powerful personal drone

The DJI Mavic Pro is a small portable but a yet powerful drone, ready to go with you everywhere you go and view the world through the eyes of your drone … like you have never seen before. 
When people think of drones, they imagine big and scary helicopters but in 2016 there were several small drones introduced. 
And now DJI is introducing its smallest and most convenient drone yet, the Mavic Pro.
The Mavic Pro packs features that we once thought were possible only for larger platforms into a small and portable drone with the ability to capture high-resolution images. It also comes with an advanced flight control system, GPS, ultrasound, IMUs and much more. It can even recognize gestures for perfect selfies.

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2018 predictions for Virtual Reality

The world of Virtual Reality is changing at an incredible speed and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

In 2017 we have seen several developments and interesting news when it comes to Virtual Reality and 2018 is expected to be the year of VR 2.0.

In 2018 several tech companies are planning to release VR hardware that will be standalone. The reason why major Tech companies have focused on bringing VR standalone devices in 2018 it’s because they are easy to be used, more comfortable, portable and cheaper.

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How AI will affect us in the future

Technology is advancing at a rapid speed and nowadays we have more power in our pockets than we had a few years ago in our homes. It is impossible to deny the increasing connection between humans and machines. Artificial Intelligence advancements have made possible the imitation of human behaviors such as problem-solving, creativity and thinking. Although many people might think of AI as an abstract notion, it’s only a matter of time before AI will become an ingrained part of our daily lives. 

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As things stand, we live in a world of more and more automation. We live in an era of smart cars and smart phones. We live in an era of self-driving vehicles and devices that control all facets of our homes like Alexa. Are we outdated?

While many jobs that exist today will be gone 10 or 15 years from now, we really have had automation for a long time. Our first introduction to it was with the Industrial Revolution. While A.I. is already being used to navigate us to a new location, we are not outdated despite the complex computations super computers can do. Here's a great Ted talk about automation.

We picked it because he has a distinctly more positive outlook on automation than most people who address it.

Awesome green tech tree mover

AI part of series

Incidentally, I used to dislike Elon Musk.
I have changed my views on him completely.
Tesla factories in China were not green. He produces a car that is green in the West and pollutes in the East. And if there are those who think this is a sustainable business model? Why is it?

It is because Tesla is cash positive. If something's green, it shouldn't make the people in China sick who are making the batteries period. That is not sustainable.

Most of the things we do as species are not sustainable. We can't eat or breathe money.
Without honesty or integrity, "what do you get"? (Fences)


He recently tried to warn U.S. governors to regulate AI before it's too late. I don't usually say this, but they were too stupid to attempt to understand what he was saying. Why is that?

We destroy the Earth daily but worry about AI?

"We got money for wars, but can't feed the poor" (Tupac)

C'mon. We have no priorities right now.
First of all, what is AI?

Here’s a great definition:
“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is usually defined as the science of making computers do things that require intelligence when done by humans. AI has had some success in limited, or simplified, domains.” (

Does it need to be regulated? Isn't that going to against the free market of ideas? Isn't China way ahead of the US?

What is the real danger?


The immediate danger of AI is high unemployment. Just look at the Rust Belt of the US and the new opioid epidemic!!! They're coping with automation through self-destruction.
Let's try to attempt to address these questions over the next few blogs.

As a planet, we are caught up in insanity-- in mindlessness.  The system is not designed for the average person to make it. Just look at Washington and you will see complete mental illness in all corners.

You want to make: "go out there and get something/ don't spend all your time getting high" (Outkast/Goodie Mob)

Don't take my word for it: Read the "Four Quadrants" by Robert Kiyosaki.