4 ways how Tesla is changing the world

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4 ways how Tesla is changing the world

In 2003 Elon Musk together with a group of engineers tried to prove to the world the benefits of electric vehicles. Five years later they released their first model and since then the company has set a mission to change the world.

Tesla has expanded its focus from building the best electric car out there to opening the way for solar power, autonomous vehicles and much more.

Here are four ways how Tesla is changing the world.


You can’t talk about Tesla without mentioning electric cars and when it comes to electric vehicles, Tesla is definitely the leader. The Tesla Roadster, Tesla’s first model, was the first mass-produced, electric car able to travel more than 320 kilometers on one single charge.

Tesla’s Model S was the first fully electric sedan, and it was named the world’s best selling plug-in electric car for 2015 and 2016. Tesla’s Model S P100D broke a world record in early 2017 because of its ability to go from 0 to 97km/h in 2.28 seconds.

In addition to these wins, Tesla is building the best high-tech cars on the road and receiving top safety ratings. Despite all these benefits, being environmentally friendly is a really great bonus.



Thousands of deaths are caused every year by vehicle collisions 94% of which are caused by human error. Self-driving cars are on their way and they will create several improvements towards highway safety.

Tesla has made major developments towards removing the human element like no other company. Autopilot hardware has been a standard feature since 2014 and Tesla has the best self-driving capabilities in the market.

Tesla's Autopilot system can’t replace a human driver yet but it can help drivers navigate highways. However, the company says that the vehicles that are being currently produced will have a completed autonomous driving which can be activated when government regulations will take place.



Tesla plans to enter the billion dollar industry with autonomous cars. While Uber and Lyft are already testing out autonomous cars, they can’t compete with Tesla’s ability to make adjustments to its Autopilot software and their cars already on the road.

During a TED talk in early 2017, Elon Musk elaborated on a future model that would encourage ride sharing by owners and riders. If a large number of autonomous vehicles that will be available to the public exist, people will be able to use them instead of the public transportation.

The cost would also decrease tremendously and hopefully become a way of more convenient public transportation.



Tesla is also contributing to job creation or as the manufacturing industry calls them, “21st-century jobs”. Tesla’s company in Nevada employs hundreds of workers.

In 2016 Tesla had 14000 employees worldwide but it’s predicted that Nevada Gigafactory alone can end up employing 10000 people. In the future, Tesla may end up creating and training a lot of employees in the clean energy industry.



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