Astro review part 2

So far so good!! The app has made checking email life manageable. I feel like a salesman being an early adopter. I don't work for them, so you know. They work shorter hours. Haha!!
I am always one of the early ones. That said, I don't remember if it's in Beta, but I still check the source email addresses, because some emails can get caught in the spam filter. I find Astro much easier to use on a desktop. My favorite feature is something I saw on my last LG phone. The LG had the same features with texts. You can send emails at a later date. That is my favorite feature. I usually check emails at strange hours like 1 a.m. or 7 a.m.
It also has a feature in which Astro asks you if you want to unsubscribe from them pernicious marketing emails. The other features slip my mind. Will do a part three when they come to mind.

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AI part of series

Incidentally, I used to dislike Elon Musk.
I have changed my views on him completely.
Tesla factories in China were not green. He produces a car that is green in the West and pollutes in the East. And if there are those who think this is a sustainable business model? Why is it?

It is because Tesla is cash positive. If something's green, it shouldn't make the people in China sick who are making the batteries period. That is not sustainable.

Most of the things we do as species are not sustainable. We can't eat or breathe money.
Without honesty or integrity, "what do you get"? (Fences)


He recently tried to warn U.S. governors to regulate AI before it's too late. I don't usually say this, but they were too stupid to attempt to understand what he was saying. Why is that?

We destroy the Earth daily but worry about AI?

"We got money for wars, but can't feed the poor" (Tupac)

C'mon. We have no priorities right now.
First of all, what is AI?

Here’s a great definition:
“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is usually defined as the science of making computers do things that require intelligence when done by humans. AI has had some success in limited, or simplified, domains.” (

Does it need to be regulated? Isn't that going to against the free market of ideas? Isn't China way ahead of the US?

What is the real danger?


The immediate danger of AI is high unemployment. Just look at the Rust Belt of the US and the new opioid epidemic!!! They're coping with automation through self-destruction.
Let's try to attempt to address these questions over the next few blogs.

As a planet, we are caught up in insanity-- in mindlessness.  The system is not designed for the average person to make it. Just look at Washington and you will see complete mental illness in all corners.

You want to make: "go out there and get something/ don't spend all your time getting high" (Outkast/Goodie Mob)

Don't take my word for it: Read the "Four Quadrants" by Robert Kiyosaki.

Awesome green tech tree mover

Astro AI part 1

 So I read this article on Android Central about this new app, Astro.
I then followed it up with the marketing video on Youtube. Astro's really designed for people who get lots of emails. I had been getting hundreds of emails for years on a daily basis. Now that we launched, we have all accepted that we will answer emails late.
It seems to prioritize your inbox into two categories-- important and not important. It also helps you write emails via voice recognition technology. I am going to try it out over this coming week. I'll let you know how good it is. Our Amazon buddy, Alexa, was fully integrated into the app recently. Let's see if it stands up against the competition. After all, 2017 is the year of the AI virtual assistant. It's not a trend though. Is Astro better than Siri? Bixby? Google Assistant? Only time will tell. In the meantime, I will give you my review of it later this week. I just downloaded it. It's an Android app that is available on the Apple App Store too. So far, so good.

Iphone 8 leak??

Iphone 8 looks promising, but can it compete with Samsung s8. Only time will tell, the last few years have not been very innovative for Apple or most of the majors in the West. Someone we know who lived in China reminded us that we  are falling behind in the West on tech creativity. Yes and no? The major Western innovators are working in Asia. Haha!!

Japanese machine that folds clothes?