Most High,

Thank you so very much.

You are a Bountiful Creator,

You, who painted the skies with vibrant hues and filled the earth with melodies of joy, inspire in us a spirit of ceaseless celebration. Let each new dawn remind us of Your unfailing love, and every sunset echo with our songs of gratitude.

In the simple wonders—the laughter of a child, the fragrance of a blooming flower, the embrace of a loved one—let us see Your handiwork and revel in the richness of life.

When challenges arise, turn our hearts to the lessons they bring, and the growth they promise. For in every circumstance, You weave threads of hope and purpose.

May our lives be a reflection of that joy you so generously bestow, a beacon of positivity, radiating love, and kindness to all we encounter.

In the name of Jesus, the source of our joy, we pray.


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