Quirky Products for People of Faith

At Seveniscompletion, we believe in supplying people with life-changing shirts that bring a smile to their faces. More importantly, we express our passion by expressing our faith. Everyday is a blessing.

As a multi-faceted t-shirt platform, we’re listening to what it is you want to see on our site and working hard to bring it to you. 

In fact, we want to hear what you like and don’t like about all kinds of things. We want your thoughts on our shirts and your thoughts about faith.

In other words, we care about what you care about, and we want to share it with you. 

Here are just a few reasons why our approach to apparel is good for you:


1. We Love Quirky Products—Just Like You!

We like investing in products that you can’t just find at any Hot Topic or Amazon product page. From hilarious t-shirts to scripture based t-shirts, we’re always pushing the boundaries of expression.


2. Safe, Secure Purchases

While the world might be filled with online thieves and digital bandits, out site is completely safe and secure. We back up everything with McAfee and never share your personal information.


3. Totally Free Shipping

Order something over $50 and we’ll ship it to you for free. That’s right. You buy it, we’ll ship it, and we’ll both be happy!


4. Convenient Payment Options

We said we live on the digital edge, right? Not only do we accept credit or debit cards, we accept Bitcoin! Pay how you want, when you want. 


5. Meaningful Discounts

We love discounts, you love discounts, so we offer…discounts. 


  • Students can enjoy 25% off purchases as returning customers. 
  • Just reminds us and we'll hook you up.