Divine Gratitude: Embracing Blessings Amidst Life's Journey

Divine Gratitude: Embracing Blessings Amidst Life's Journey

In the midst of life's winding paths,
Where shadows dance and doubts arise,
We lift our hearts in gratitude,
For blessings seen and unseen, we recognize.

Grant us, O Lord, eyes to see,
The gifts bestowed upon our way,
In moments of joy, in trials deep,
In the light of dawn, in dusk's soft sway.

For every breath, for every sigh,
For every step, for every try,
For friends who lift, for love that binds,
For grace that flows, for peace that finds.

Though storms may rage and tempests roar,
And challenges may cloud our view,
In gratitude, we stand secure,
Knowing Your love will guide us through.

So, in this moment, we pause to say,
With hearts ablaze, with voices clear,
Thank You, O God, for every day,
For blessings cherished, ever near.

May our gratitude be a beacon bright,
Illuminating the darkest night,
And may Your blessings, abundant and true,
Be a testament to Your love anew. Amen.
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