Free me from codependence

Free me from codependence

Heavenly Father,

I come before You with a humble heart, acknowledging my struggles with codependence. I confess that I have relied too heavily on others for my own sense of worth and identity, neglecting the strength and love You offer me. Lord, I ask for Your forgiveness for allowing codependent patterns to take root in my heart and relationships.

Please, Lord, uproot every trace of codependence within me. Replace it with a deep understanding of Your unconditional love and acceptance. Help me to find my identity and value in You alone, rather than seeking validation from others. Grant me the courage to set healthy boundaries and to trust in Your provision for all my needs.

Guide me, O Lord, to cultivate self-reliance and independence, while still embracing the interconnectedness of community and relationships. Teach me to love others without sacrificing my own well-being or compromising Your truth. Fill me with Your Spirit, that I may walk in freedom from codependence and experience the abundant life You have promised.

I surrender my codependent tendencies to You, trusting in Your grace to transform my heart and lead me into greater wholeness. Thank You, Lord, for Your mercy and faithfulness. In Jesus' name, I pray.

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