God's grace

God's grace

Heavenly Father,

In Your infinite wisdom and boundless love, we come before You seeking Your divine grace. We acknowledge that Your grace is our greatest gift, a gift freely given, undeserved yet lavishly bestowed upon us.

Grant us, O Lord, the grace to navigate the challenges of life with courage and faith. When we falter and stumble, lift us up with Your gentle hand and guide us along the path of righteousness. May Your grace be a beacon of hope in our darkest moments, illuminating the way forward with Your unfailing love.

In times of uncertainty and doubt, may Your grace reassure us of Your presence and provision. Help us to surrender our worries and fears into Your capable hands, trusting in Your perfect plan for our lives.

Father, we thank You for Your boundless grace that sustains us each day. May we never take Your grace for granted but instead, live each moment with hearts overflowing with gratitude and praise.

In Jesus' name, we pray.
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