Gratitude Prayer (FTW)

Gratitude Prayer (FTW)

🙏 Gratitude Prayer 🌟

Gracious and loving Creator,
Thank you for the blessings
That grace my life each day.
For the breath that fills my lungs,
For the beat of my heart,
For the warmth of the sun,
And the gentle touch of the breeze.

Thank you for the gift of family and friends,
For the love that surrounds me,
And the laughter that fills my days.
Thank you for the challenges that make me stronger,
And the moments of joy that lift my spirit.

In every moment, I am grateful,
For I am surrounded by your endless love,
And held in your infinite grace.

Amen. 🌿

#Gratitude #ThankfulHeart #Blessings #DivineGrace 🌟
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