Help me continue (Everything falls apart)

Help me continue (Everything falls apart)

Heavenly Father, Unshakable Rock in the Storm,

In this time when it feels like everything around me is crumbling, I reach out to You for strength and perseverance. Amidst these trials and tribulations, where every step feels heavy and every breath a burden, be my steadfast support.

Lord, in my moments of despair, remind me that You are with me. Your presence is a fortress that no calamity can breach. Help me to anchor my hope in You, knowing that even in the darkest times, Your light prevails.

Grant me the courage to keep moving forward, even when every fiber of my being wants to surrender. In my weakness, be my strength; in my weariness, be my refreshment. Let Your enduring love and mercy be the wind beneath my wings, lifting me above these trials.

As I navigate through these challenges, provide me with the wisdom to discern the right path. Illuminate my steps, so I do not stumble in the darkness of my circumstances. Guide me with Your wise counsel, and lead me to solutions and breakthroughs.

I also pray for resilience of spirit. Help me to see beyond the immediate chaos, to a future where peace and stability reign. Fill my heart with the assurance that this season of hardship is not permanent, and that brighter days lie ahead.

In the midst of it all, keep my heart anchored in gratitude. Help me to find things to be thankful for each day, and let this gratitude be a source of strength and joy.

Thank You, Lord, for Your unwavering faithfulness and love. Even as the world falls apart around me, I trust in Your promise to never leave me nor forsake me. In the mighty name of Jesus, my solid ground, I pray for the strength to keep going.



May this prayer offer you comfort and fortitude, helping you to persevere through life's most challenging moments with faith and hope.
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