It's on Jesus

It's on Jesus


Most High you gave us your son.

Thank you for our radiant savior!!

In You, we find the light that pierces through the darkest night, a beacon guiding us toward love, hope, and grace. As sunflowers turn to the sun, let our souls constantly turn to You, seeking the warmth of Your presence.

Banish from our minds shadows of doubt and fear, and fill us with a luminous faith that illuminates every corner of our being. Let our lives be a testament to that light, driving away gloom and despair wherever we tread.

May we walk in this divine light, sharing its brilliance with the world, and reminding all of Your unwavering promise to be the eternal lamp unto our feet.

In Jesus's radiant name, we pray.


May these prayers bring warmth, joy, and positivity to all who recite and reflect upon them.

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