Prayer for a Righteous Husband

Prayer for a Righteous Husband

Heavenly Father, Author of Love and Designer of Divine Unions,

With a heart full of hope and faith, I come before You, seeking Your guidance and blessings in my desire for a life partner. Lord, You know the depths of my heart, its dreams, and its yearnings.

I pray for a husband who reflects Your love, grace, and righteousness. May he be a man after Your own heart, seeking You in all things, walking in Your ways, and leading our family with wisdom and kindness.

Grant him strength to stand firm in faith, especially in life's storms, and a heart that overflows with love, not just for me, but for all those around him. May he be a beacon of Your light in the world, reflecting integrity, compassion, and the love of Christ in all his interactions.

Prepare me, too, O Lord, to be a supportive and loving wife. Teach me patience, understanding, and unwavering love, that together, we may build a life pleasing to You.

In Your perfect timing and wisdom, unite us. May our union be a testament to Your divine plan, and may our love story inspire others to seek Your hand in their lives.

In the name of Jesus, who loved the church as His bride, I place this prayer in Your loving hands.



May this prayer resonate with all those seeking a righteous partner, entrusting their desires and dreams to God's perfect plan.
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