Prayer for Making the Right Decision

Prayer for Making the Right Decision

Heavenly Father, Source of All Wisdom and Clarity,

In this moment of decision-making, I seek Your guidance to choose the right path. With options before me and uncertainty in my heart, I turn to You, trusting in Your unerring wisdom to lead me.

Lord, illuminate the best course of action. Clear my mind of confusion and doubt, and fill me with Your divine insight. Help me weigh the options with discernment, considering not only my desires but also aligning with Your will and the greater good.

Grant me the courage to make tough choices and the peace to accept the paths that unfold. In moments of indecision, remind me of Your constant presence and the promise that You are working all things for my good.

I pray for a sign or confirmation, if it be Your will, to assure me of the direction I should take. Let my decision be a reflection of my trust in You, bringing glory to Your name.

Thank You for Your endless love and guidance in every aspect of my life. With a heart full of gratitude and faith, I await Your guiding hand in making this important decision.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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