Prayer for Overcoming a Cold

Prayer for Overcoming a Cold

Heavenly Father, Healer of All,

As I face the discomfort and fatigue of this cold, I turn to You for healing and strength. In Your mercy, alleviate the symptoms that wear me down and restore my health quickly.

Lord, please clear my body of this illness, soothe my sore throat, relieve my congestion, and eliminate my cough. Strengthen my immune system, and accelerate my recovery, so that I may feel renewed and energized once more.

In this time of rest and healing, I also seek Your peace to calm my worries. Remind me to care for my body by resting, staying hydrated, and taking the necessary steps to nurture my health.

Thank You for being with me in moments of sickness and health. In Your loving hands, I trust for a swift recovery from this cold. Remove this illness from my temple. Bring me deep peace and strength. Guide me. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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