Prayer for Peace, Grace, and Healing from Codependency

Prayer for Peace, Grace, and Healing from Codependency

Loving Father, the Source of All Healing,

In the stillness of my heart, I come before You, seeking the solace only You can provide. Life's complexities and challenges often lead me to seek validation and worth in places and relationships where I become lost, forgetting my true identity as Your beloved child.

I recognize the chains of codependency that have bound me, causing me to place my value in others, rather than finding it in You and the intrinsic worth You've bestowed upon me. I pray for the strength and wisdom to break free from this cycle, to rediscover the balance of love, independence, and interdependence that You desire for me.

Bestow upon me Your grace, O Lord, that I may experience the transformative power of Your love. Let Your peace, which surpasses all understanding, guard my heart and mind, allowing me to form healthy, fulfilling relationships rooted in mutual respect and love.

Guide me in my journey of recovery. Illuminate the path with Your wisdom, reminding me that my worth is not determined by others but is inherent in being Your creation. Grant me the courage to set boundaries, the patience to heal, and the faith to trust in Your perfect plan for my life.

Through the redeeming love of Jesus Christ and the comfort of the Holy Spirit, I pray for a heart that is whole, free, and resting in the assurance of Your unwavering love and grace.


May this prayer bring solace, guidance, and healing to all those on a journey to overcome codependency and to find their true worth in God's love.
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