Prayer for Safety While Driving

Prayer for Safety While Driving

Heavenly Father, Protector and Guardian,

As I take to the roads, I entrust my safety into Your loving hands. Grant me alertness, caution, and wisdom as I drive. Keep me vigilant to the actions of other drivers, and guide my own actions to avoid danger.

Lord, bless my vehicle with safe operation. Protect it from mechanical failures and keep it a reliable instrument on my journeys. Surround me with Your angels, that I might be shielded from accidents and harm.

In moments of stress or frustration on the road, grant me patience and a calm spirit. Help me to drive with consideration and respect for others, reflecting Your love and care in my actions.

Thank You for Your promise to watch over and protect us in all our ways. May Your presence be a constant comfort as I travel, keeping me safe in Your care.

In Jesus’ name, I pray for safety as I drive.



May this prayer offer you peace of mind and God's protection on every journey you undertake.
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