Prayer for Strength to Work When Exhausted

Prayer for Strength to Work When Exhausted

Heavenly Father, Infinite Source of Strength and Endurance,

In this moment of weariness, where my body feels drained and my mind fatigued, I reach out to You for the strength to fulfill my work responsibilities. You, who give power to the faint and increase strength to those who have no might, hear my humble plea. Please help me get through this day. 

Lord, in my exhaustion, I ask for Your rejuvenating touch. Infuse me with Your divine energy, that I may find the stamina and resilience to carry on. Help me to work with efficiency and focus, even amidst my tiredness.

Grant me the wisdom to prioritize and manage my tasks effectively. Show me how to balance my duties, to delegate when necessary, and to take breaks that are restorative. Help me to work smarter, not harder, using the time and resources I have in the most productive way.

In moments of overwhelming fatigue, remind me of the value of the work I do. Let me find purpose and satisfaction in my efforts, drawing strength from the knowledge that my labor is meaningful and contributes to a greater good.

I also pray for Your guidance in maintaining a healthy balance between work and rest. Teach me to listen to my body, to recognize my limits, and to rest without guilt or anxiety. Help me to trust that taking care of my well-being is not only essential for myself but also for the quality of the work I produce.

Thank You, Lord, for Your promise to be my refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. In my weakness, I rely on Your power and grace to sustain me. May I emerge from this time of exhaustion stronger and more aware of Your faithful provision.

In the name of Jesus, who strengthens and upholds me, I pray for the strength to work effectively even when I am tired.


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