Prayer for the Gift of Listening

Prayer for the Gift of Listening

Omnipresent God, who hears our every thought and word,

In the constant rush and noise of life, I seek Your guiding stillness. I recognize, O Lord, the gift of speech You've granted, but even more, the blessing of ears to listen and a heart to understand.

Teach me the sacred art of listening, to truly hear the whispers of Your creation, the hopes of others, and the silent cries of those in pain. Incline my heart to understand before seeking to be understood, to embrace the wisdom found in silence and the beauty in understanding.

Help me to tame the impulse to fill every silence with words, allowing space for Your voice to resonate. Remind me of the teaching, "Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak" (James 1:19). May I embody this, cherishing moments of quiet reflection and genuine connection.

In times of conversation, grant me the discernment to speak words that uplift and heal, rather than overshadow. Let the words I do speak be few, but filled with love, purpose, and Your divine truth.

By Your grace, transform me into a beacon of empathy, a true listener, reflecting the love and patience of Christ, who always hears our prayers.

In His compassionate name, I pray.



May this prayer guide and inspire all who seek to become better listeners and cultivate the wisdom of thoughtful speech.
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