Prayer of protection when needed

Prayer of protection when needed

Heavenly Father,

In Your boundless love and infinite wisdom, we come before You seeking Your divine protection. Envelop us, O Lord, in Your mighty arms, shielding us from all harm and danger that may lurk in the shadows. Grant us the strength to stand firm against the storms of life, knowing that Your protection surrounds us like a fortress.

As we walk along the path of life, lead us to prosperity and abundance, O God. May Your blessings overflow in our lives, guiding us to opportunities that bring prosperity and success. Help us to recognize Your hand at work in every aspect of our lives, trusting in Your divine provision.

Lord, in Your grace, teach us to dwell in Your presence each day. May Your light illuminate our path, guiding us in the way of righteousness and truth. Let Your grace be our constant companion, filling our hearts with peace and joy even in the midst of challenges.

Protect us, O God, from the snares of the enemy and the trials of this world. Keep us safe under the shadow of Your wings, where no harm can befall us. Help us to live courageously and confidently, knowing that You are always with us, watching over us with loving care.

We surrender ourselves into Your hands, trusting in Your unfailing protection and provision. May Your grace surround us like a shield, preserving us in body, mind, and spirit. In Your name, we pray.

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