Prayer to over come depression

Prayer to over come depression

Mighty God, Protector and Redeemer,

In the moments where darkness looms and shadows threaten to consume us, we cry out to You, our steadfast refuge. From the chains of intrusive thoughts and the depths of depression, we seek Your divine deliverance.

Break the bonds of negativity and fear that entangle our minds. Cast away every demonic influence that seeks to oppress us. By the authority of Jesus Christ, our Savior, we rebuke these forces of darkness and declare freedom over our minds and spirits.

Fill us, O Lord, with Your Holy Spirit. Let Your light penetrate the deepest recesses of our minds, dispelling every trace of darkness and doubt. Renew our thoughts, and let Your truths anchor us in times of turmoil.

Grant us the strength to resist these invasions of the enemy, to stand firm in faith, and to remember that no force is greater than Your love. Surround us with Your angels, to guard and guide us, and let Your peace, which surpasses all understanding, be our shield and comfort.

In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, who overcame death and darkness, we claim victory over every oppressive thought and emotion.



May this prayer serve as a powerful declaration of faith and a source of strength for all who are battling such challenges.
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