Lord of Tranquility,

In a world where chaos often reigns and voices of discord rise, make us instruments of Your peace. Where there is hatred, let us sow seeds of love; where injury, may forgiveness be our gift.

In the face of doubt, let our faith shine bright, dispelling shadows and guiding lost souls. Where there's despair, may we bring hope; where darkness, the illuminating glow of joy.

Divine Teacher, let us not seek to be consoled as much as to console, nor to be understood as much as to understand. In giving, let us experience the joy of generosity, and in pardoning, the freedom of letting go.

For in selflessness, we find true riches; in compassion, a love that mirrors Your own; and in dying to our earthly desires, we are reborn in the light of eternity.


PS. Inspired by the prayer of St. Francis.

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