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So I saw the last Jedi again today. And it's a good movie.However, there many problems with it. Yes, here comes the haterade. It was not good as far as Star Wars movies go.Here are the problems:1. Luke dies for no reason. Who trains Rey? The Force itself? Master Yoda? That was a terrible idea. So Ben gets to live as a whining simp of a Sith, but Master Luke dies.That was a horrendous idea. The writer must hate Star Wars. It was bad enough they killed Han Solo last picture.2. The love story between Finn and Rey disappears-- with...

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11.0.2, ios, iphone, UPDATE -

So far, the only thing I don't like is that messes up the calls. It's hard to hear people when they speak. There are problems, but there are important things that I love: Do not disturb while driving is TIGHT. The larger type is awesome. It fixed most of the things I hate about iPhone 7 like the late texts and voicemails. What's New Review! iOS 11.0.2 Released! Watch Full Video Now.

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I'm not really clear what all the controversy about Rogue One was. The movie was okay. "It wasn't that bad". It was really in the spirit of the original Lucas movies. I say that not just because I'm a Star War stan. I say that because the new director has a relationship with Lucas. I am clear that he suggests things to the director and the heads about the new iterations of his derivative work. There were people upset that "Rogue One" had a female lead and then there were those who said it was too multiculti. There were also...

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