You're probably sick of being inside.

You've been cooped up for days on end and the only thing to show for it is a mounting pile of dirty laundry and an ever-growing sense of despair.


It's tempting to blame the government or Mother Nature for your current predicament, but the truth is that you're feeling depressed because you're stuck in quarantine.


Here are four ways to avoid succumbing to depression during this difficult time.


You'll feel sad if you think about how much you miss your friends


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1. Remember that they're probably feeling sad too

Thinking about all of the people who are dying, whether it's from the plague, radiation poisoning, or something else, is one of the most challenging parts of quarantine. All this death makes you want to spend your time with family and friends (if you can still recall them), but don't dwell on the fact that they'll most likely be in PAIN.


Whatever the cause of their quarantine, friends and family will be just as desperate to hear from them. They'll probably be stuck in quarantine for at least equal amounts of time as you are, which means their list of concerns will be very similar to yours. It's easy to become discouraged when you think about this, but spending a few minutes every day thinking about them will help. Send them texts and snail mail.



2. Keep a journal

If you don't want to get out of bed just thinking about all the wonderful times you'll be spending together, try writing down all your favorite memories in a journal. A diary may serves as a fantastic way to recall all of your good times with friends and family, but it's also essential for monitoring your emotional development throughout quarantine.


If you're the kind of person who gets depressed easily, then you should consider doing this analysis in front of a therapist. If analysis isn't for you, you can still use your journal to write down how you're feeling—the good days and the bad ones. This will give you perspective on what it means to be sad, anxious, optimistic, etc.


If you are already  however in a dark place, get help NOW.


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3. Keep a list of your favourite things

You've probably been feeling pretty lonely lately, and when you add together the monotony of being confined within with nothing to do, this implies that you'll be tempted to break quarantine at some point soon. It's a very bad idea and something that can make you feel guilty even if you don't get sick or die (which is the worst thing that could happen. Better yet, write a gratitude list and count all your blessings. Do it everyday.



4. Try not to read the news

Nothing is more infuriating than attempting to watch television and witnessing a tale of woe about someone who has died from plague . This isn't something you want to see when alone in your room with nothing to do, so avoid watching the news while inside quarantine. If someone asks how you're doing, tell them your TV broke and it can't be repaired. If they need you to read all the articles they send, are they really a friend? You don't have to read everything people send you.

This is an excellent approach to guarantee that you stay out of depression. Additional tips would be get lots of exercise, a walk if possible and start working on your side business. Stay out of your head.


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