Why Do Modern Societies Under Appreciate Wisdom?

Why Do Modern Societies Under Appreciate Wisdom?

There are a few reasons why modern societies under appreciate wisdom. One reason is that our society tends to glorify youth and dismiss the elderly. We also tend to value intelligence and knowledge over wisdom, which is often seen as being "soft." Additionally, our society is constantly changing, so what may have been wise advice in the past may not be applicable today. Finally, people are often too busy and stressed out to take the time to seek out wisdom.

Though there are many reasons for the decline in wisdom's value, I believe it can be boiled down to two key issues. The first is that our modern world simply moves too fast for wisdom to keep up. We're always on to the next thing, the next piece of technology, the next fad diet or fashion trend. Who has time to stop and reflect when there's so much happening all around us? The second reason is that wisdom often comes with age - and let's face it, age isn't something our society values very much either. We live in a culture that worships youth and beauty, where " old person" is often used as an insult. No wonder we don't have much time for wisdom!

That said, not old people are wise and not all young people are foolish. Age does not necessarily equal wisdom any more than youth equals foolishness. But in general, I believe our society could do with a little more time for reflection and a little more respect for those who have lived long enough to learn a few things.

All of this is a shame, because wisdom is something that can be incredibly valuable. A wise person can offer guidance, help us make better decisions, and provide comfort in difficult times. So let's try to appreciate wisdom a little bit more, shall we? It might just make our lives a little bit better. Thanks for reading!

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