"Why you should never judge a book by its cover"

"Why you should never judge a book by its cover"


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Today we're going to talk about judging a book by its cover and how that's one of the worst things you can do in life.

I'm not sure how many of you judge books by their cover, but I definitely do.

It's just an initial reaction, don't judge me! As recently as last week I judged a book by its cover and was surprised when the novel ended up being better than expected.

All jokes aside, it's not a good look.

Judging someone or something on first impression is dangerous, because it usually implies that you're not willing to take the time to really get to know them.


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If something looks attractive, some people judge it as being good without ever having tried it before. That can be dangerous with cars though, if we are basing our decisions solely on looks. We all judge things like that every day, but today we're going to discuss why this is a bad habit.

We judge things every day, but that doesn't mean we have to judge someone or something just because it looks different from what we're used to - the only thing you should judge is yourself and whether you've improved upon old habits or not. I say that again: "The only one you should judge is yourself and whether you've improved upon old habits".



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Only judge yourself and whether you've improved upon old habits or not.

When you analyze whether you have made progress, be careful. Remorse is NOT an asset. Remorse is a sin. It is sin. Let's use an addiction as an example. There are no pluses to spending your days bashing yourself because you still smoke. Reduce your intake and keep trying to quit.

Worrying about your ex and the bad things you did in your relationship? Does that really help? No, it doesn't. You're just living in fantasy and in lust. 

You're free to create. You're free to think. You're free to be. You're free to change. You don't have to be scary for ever. Why stay shook? Take that action towards your singing goal. Take that action towards dating again. Don't let the past trap you.


Believe in yourself



 We judge a book by its cover. We judge people by their appearance.

We have preferences when we date. We shouldn't pretend we don't. Many of us date people who look like us with similar backgrounds. Some of us date people who look different than us, but who look like the people from our neighborhoods. In the current climate, it's taboo to say this in public, but it's true. 

She's dating Chad because he's pretty.

He's dating Tabitha because she's in great shape.

She's always get attention because of her looks and her hair color.

He gets matches on the dating app because he's cute.


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Our friends usually have similar backgrounds to us. 

When is judgment 100 hundred percent okay?

This can be helpful when it comes to situational awareness in terms of self defense. Letting these crazy guys cut you off is a good idea. Letting this crazy guy get away with telling you where to go is a good idea.

It is something we naturally need to do. Should you stop as a single female and give a strange man hitchhiking a ride? Probably, not.


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Judgment can be harmful though. It shouldn't however be something that harms other people. The best artist in the room may be the guy who needs a shower. You may need to open the windows and let him audition. 

Did you not date a guy because she wasn't "your type"? Was that a mistake? 

The "homeless crazy lady" who talks to you everyday may actually be the owner of the high rise down the block. I have heard of this happening at least once.

Okay, I lied. More than once... .


It's vital for your own well-being to stop judging others so harshly, because life gets a lot more enjoyable when you stop caring about what others look like.

Don't let that be the only metric that you use to evaluate people. 

If you are trying to judge them according to your own standards, judge them by their character traits instead.

Judge them by their behavior.

Above all, judge someone without any of your own biases or personal feelings involved; judge them on the truth only.

Who knows what lies they might tell? Who knows if there's even a single lie in their story at all?

Just judge them by the facts and nothing else.

Don't judge people too quickly, because you'll never know what they could bring into your life or who they really are as a person.

 Is that how we want to be treated?

Is that the kind of society we want to live in?

Is that what we're going to judge each other by?

And if you want to be judged properly too, judge yourself according to your own standards and judge yourself by your own qualities. You can never go wrong that way! 

I hope this article has taught you something about why you should avoid judgment. Have a nice day!!

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